Constitution for the Charity to be known as the ‘The Indigo Project Gambia’

Constitution for the Charity to be known as the “The Indigo Project Gambia”

1. Name:
The name of the charity shall be The Indigo Project Gambia

2. Aim:
The aim of the charity will be to advance education, improve livelihood opportunities and provide relief to those in need by raising awareness and funds to support children and families in The Gambia.’

3. Method:
The Indigo Project will work alongside the Gambian schools where we have existing links to highlight and support families to either continue in education or for their children to access it.
Funds will be raised for payment of school fees and/ or examination fees of families facing hardship and poverty. Funds will also be used to purchase school equipment, allowing the wider community to access information and education through a local library/ supply of books.
Funds will be used to offer Micro loans or purchase items enabling sustainable employment; thus increasing livelihood opportunities
The trustees of The Indigo Project will jointly allocate funds on a needs based decision. (Headmasters of schools will be involved in this as they know the families circumstances) Employment/ livelihood support will be with the aim to support families, who children are sponsored through The Indigo Project, or those known to Headmasters whose children are unable to access education due to hardship.
In order to achieve the aims, the group may:

  • Open bank accounts
  • Raise money
  • Organize courses and events
  • Do anything that is lawful which will help it to fulfill its aim.

4. Membership:
There will not be an annually paid membership of the charity; this allowing a wider geographical involvement. Communication will be via Newsletters, informing parties interested in supporting the Charity to participate.
All interested parties will be informed of meetings and AGM meeting a minimum of 14 days beforehand. Involvement of the charity shall be open to any individual without regards to disability, political or religious affliction, race, sex or sexual orientation who is:

  • Interested in helping the charity to support its aim
  • Willing to abide by the rules of the charity

5. Charity Trustees:
a) The charity shall be administered by the Trustees of not less than three and not more than five individuals elected at the charities Annual General Meeting (A.G.M).
b) The Trustees of the charity shall be: The Chairperson, the Treasurer and the Secretary.
c) The Trustees may co-opt onto the Trustee group, up to three individuals, in an advisory and non-voting capacity that it feels will help to fulfill the aim of the group.
d) The Trustees shall meet at least every three months.
e) At least two Trustee members must be present for the meeting to take place.
f) Voting at meetings shall be a show of hands. If there is a tied vote then the Chair shall have the second vote.

6. Duties of the Trustees:
a) The duties of the chair shall be to:

  • Chair meetings of the committee and the group
  • Represent the group at functions/ meetings
  • Act as a spokesperson of the group when necessary

b) The duties of the secretary shall be to:

  • Keep a correspondence list and send out regular newsletters and invitations.
  • Prepare in consultation with the chairperson the agenda for meetings of the charity
  • Take and keep minutes of all meetings and
  • Collect and circulate any relevant information within the group

c) The duties of the Treasurer shall be to:

  • Supervise the financial affairs of the charity and
  • Keep proper accounts that show all monies received and paid out by the group

7. Finance:
All monies received by or on behalf of the charity shall be applied to further the aim of the charity and for no other purpose.
Any bank accounts opened for the charity, shall be in the name of the charity.
Any cheques issued shall be signed by two trustees.
The group shall ensure that the accounts are independently examined every year.
The Cost incurred by the Chairperson for flights will be reimbursed, ensuring the work remains sustainable for the Trustee volunteer.

8. Annual General meeting:
a) The Charity shall hold an Annual General Meeting (A.G.M) in the Autumn term (Oct-Dec)
b) All interested parties shall be given at least fourteen days notice of the A.G.M and shall be entitled to attend and vote.
c) The business of the A.G.M shall include:

  • Receiving a report from the chairperson on the Charities activities over the year.
  • Receiving a report from the Treasurer on the finances of the group.
  • Electing a new management committee and
  • Considering any other matter as may be decided.

Trustee appointments and opted trustees will be noted and all parties informed on the AGM minutes, informing of the current trustees. All Trustees appointed at the AGM will sign accordingly to their individual responsibility and role.

At least five of the independent interested parties must be present for the AGM and any other General meeting to take place.

9. General Meetings
There shall be 2 general Meetings (excluding the A.G.M) each year.
All members shall be entitled to attend and vote.

10. Special General Meeting
A special General Meeting may be called by the Trustees to discuss an urgent matter. The secretary shall give all members fourteen days notice of any Special General Meeting together with notice of the business to be discussed.

11. Alterations to the constitution
Any changes to this constitution must be agreed by at least two-thirds of those members present and voting at any General Meeting.

12. Dissolution
If on the winding up of the association, any property remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities; such property shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the association; that property shall indeed be transferred to some other charity or charities (whether incorporated or unincorporated) whose objects are similar (wholly or in part) to the objects of the association.

13. Adoption of the constitution
Until the first A.G.M takes place the persons whose names, address and signatures appear at the bottom of this document shall act as the Trustees of the charity referred to in the constitution.

This Constitution was adopted and certified as a true copy by:
Name: Jeana Stott
Trustee position:Chairperson
Address:Tearie Farmhouse, Forres. IV36 2ST

Name: Rona Harvey
Trustee position:Secretary
Address:Station Lodge, Brodie Castle, Forres. IV36 2TE

Name: Elizabeth Egan
Trustee position: Treasurer

Statement of Activities:
Since 2009, two of the Trustees have been traveling to the Gambia twice yearly. Within this time, relationships and links have been made with schools and communities. Each time we visit, school equipment, first aid and clothing is distributed within communities and schools.
It is now at a point where awareness amongst our local community is heightened and donations are given to ourselves towards child sponsorship, as we currently sponsor 35 plus children to attend school; many of which were unable to continue with their education or had not accessed one to date.
Headmasters have made direct contact with the proposed charity to ask for support for children, informing us of children having to leave school due to parent circumstances’ (often parent has recently deceased)
Therefore no longer able to afford the school fees. The charity intends to develop these links, so children are enabled to continue in education.
Members of a community have contacted us to ask for financial support in paying for Malaria treatment. This was done and the families were also provided with mosquito nets.
A health screening has been carried out in order to prevent healthcare issues which could arise.
Future activities would be to point interested parties to the website and fund raising events where the Trustees can raise financial support to meet the charity’s constitution aims.