About Us

More About us:
We are very much a ‘hands-on’ charity and are in touch with the children we sponsor. We receive updates from the headmasters and spend time within the communities with families, establishing relationships and connections.

jeans with childrenThe Indigo Project–Gambia is currently working on four projects, if you wish to make a donation you can specify what you would like it to go toward. Alternatively any donation is much appreciated and will go towards one the listed projects. You do not need to donate to support us though, sharing of ideas is also most welcome! Please drop us an e-mail.

2009: How it started

  •  We first visited The Gambia & Sponsored 2 children to attend school.

2010: Sponsored 2 children

  •  Delivered 160 kg of equipment to schools & Communities.

2011: Sponsored 4 children to go to school

  •  Delivered 100 kg of equipment to schools and communities
  •  Paid for a teenager to access hairdressing school then she could support herself through law school.
  • Delivered a mountain bike to a 13 year old to help with his journey to school.
  • Paid for Malaria treatment for a 5 year old girl admitted into hospital.

2012: Sponsored 10 children to go to school

  • Paid for malaria treatment for a 6 year old boy admitted into hospital
  • Delivered a mountain bike to a teenager to help with a school journey.
  • Delivered 100 kg of equipment to schools and communities.
  • Delivered 3 football kits to rural schools
  • Provided 50 mosquito nets to rural communities

2013: Sponsored 27 children to go to school 

  • Painted a nursery classroom
  • Equip the nursery school with resources to teach
  • Provide 150 mosquito nets to rural communities
  • Deliver 200kg of equipment to schools and communities
  • Equip a rural pharmacy with some medical resources
  • Donate a laptop to an Upper school
  • Delivered an engine & 150 kg of clothing in a container to set up a shop.

2014: Sponsored 33 Children to go to School

  • Delivered a container with school desks, books, sewing machines and clothing
  • Paid for concrete flooring to be laid in a skill centre.
  • Equipt a tailoring & skill centre  in a rural community.
  • Delivered football scarves kindly donated by Elgin Football club.
  • Painted Janet school & made a veg patch
  • Built a shop to sell clothing
  • Provided full time employment for a young woman
  • Delivered 200kg of school equipment, clothing, pharmacy supplies to Generie Village

2015: Sponsored 40 Children to go to School

  • Helped to fund the build of Janet Upper School (£3.000)
  • Painted the School building with a volunteer group of 8
  • Volunteered with a local clinic/ donated medical equipment

2016: Sponsored 40 children to go to School

  • Paid for treatment for a  young girl with bad tooth abscess.
  • Fund raised for Grade nine building to commence April 2017
  • Delivered School items to a rural school
  • Delivered school equipment to pupils.

2017 : Sponsored over 50 children to go to School

  • Sponsored over 50 children to go to School
  • April  a group of 10 went to The Gambia and painted the nursery walls.
  • Delivered  30 school packs to the rural village
  • Donated £1000 towards the Upper school build..


2018 Sponsored 60 children to go to School:

  • Sponsor 60 children to attend school
  • Delivered a container with school supplies and desks & sewing machines
  • Raise funds for the school build.

2019 Goals:

  • Sponsor 40 individual children to attend School
  • Supply school packs for a further 30 children in the rural village.
  • Build a water tower supply the children with access to daily water.
  • Build a bike rack at The Janet School.
  • Deliver a container with medical supplies
  • Raise funds for the next build.


Within the equipment delivered we take are individual packs for children that are not at school, on average we hand out 200 packs which consist of:

  • Notebook
  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Crayons
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Balloons
  • Small toy

These are handed to children in the communities we visit, they cost about £2 to make up and provide the children with much needed essentials.