Janet School

Janet International school, this is a private school in Serrakunda. It teaches to a high level and is driven by a very inspiring man; to provide the best education for his school. He currently takes children from the ages 4-14 (nursery to primary) he wishes to offer schooling up to the age of 18. He needs child sponsorship as he allows children to start the school in the hope he get support. He also gives to families personally and raises money in his spare time to realize the abilities of the children in his care. It costs £150 per year to sponsor a child at the Janet  school, this includes books and two uniforms per year and all children will be known to us personally and you can write to and receive school reports if you wish.

Since December 2014 we painted the outside of the school, made a play area out of discarded tyres, made a veg patch, brightened up the environment with some artwork.  We have also increased our sponsorship, helped to fund the build of a school library, taught some children to swim and are now raising funds to pay for the next phase of the School build.

In the meantime we are  raising the funds to allow Abdul (The Headmaster) to build the Nursery and Upper school at the main school site –  it will  greatly reduce the outgoings having them in one place and children can stay on after the age of 14.