Other Projects…

We are aware that increasing income levels gains an access to education, so one of our goals is to improve/ offer livelihood opportunities to people within the community. We have paid for the completion of a shop build close to the Janet School, offering clothing, shoes and household goods at an affordable price.

A fulltime job has been provided for this roll on a salary basis and money raised will go towards community projects and the delivery of a second container … The next container will contain items to increase livelihoods for others, such as tools & gardening tools, bikes, sewing machines and spare parts.

March 2014 we donated £250 to Generie village to pay for concrete slab to be layed for the new skills centre. We also donated two new very good sewing machines kindly donated from Kathryn Doyle and a further eight that were donated by Moray Waste Busters in Forres. Also sending 10 boxes of fabrics, zips, buttons, cotton etc The young people in Generie are now busy learning a trade.